The five top reasons to use iMed Insurance

Not sure about whether to consult an insurance advisor? Here's our top five reasons to get in touch with iMed Insurance.

Not sure about whether to consult an insurance advisor? Here's our top five reasons to get in touch with iMed Insurance.

1. Receive advice from an expert

Insurance can be a complicated product especially when you have little or no experience in dealing with it. Considerations when taking out insurance can include what level of cover you require, how are the premiums calculated, and what is included or excluded under the policy.

At iMed we have Insurance Advisers with specific industry training and qualifications with the expert knowledge to offer professional advice and give you confidence you have the right insurance program in place.

2. Undertake a risk analysis of your business

In order to have the right insurance in place you must first understand where the risks are within your business. iMed Insurance can review your individual medical practice and identify the exposures that may cause a loss in the future.

iMed can then educate you on the options available to mitigate those risks so you can gain peace of mind moving forward.

3. Save time and money

iMed Insurance can save you time by doing all the legwork on your behalf. iMed can approach numerous insurers to get quotes and then collate them together to provide an overview of what options are available to you and your business. This time saving is reinforced by the ability of iMed to source competitive premiums and also provide multiple options for your consideration.  

At a minimum, iMed can ensure your coverage is suitable for your practice activities so if a claim arises, your practice has the right policy and level of cover in place to ensure you are protected when it matters most.

4. Deals with the insurer on your behalf

iMed Insurance represents your needs and not that of an insurer. This means that instead of you dealing with one insurer who sells you a policy based on their own strengths. iMed looks at the transaction from your point of view and puts your needs first – even if it means dealing with a different insurer to get the desired result. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to claims time as iMed can liaise with the insurers and ensure the claims process runs smoothly and utilise our industry experience to negotiate an excellent outcome on our clients’ behalf.

5. Periodic reviews of your insurance programs

How often do you review your insurance program? If you’re like many time poor medical practices you have taken out insurance in the past and have never reviewed the policy since. Over the years the policy coverage from the insurer could have changed leaving you exposed in the event of a claim or at the very least paying a premium that is no longer competitive within the industry in which you carry out your business.

At iMed Insurance we will regularly review your policy to make sure it is still appropriate for your needs.

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